Payment icons is the shop where you can find wood decorations, wooden letters or colour wooden letters handcrafted, that can give your place a special touch, whatever that place is, where you spend your night or day, where you live, work, relax, see your friends, have a tea, a coffee, read a book

we started with wood pieces – wood ash, linden, elm, cherry, acacia – that took different shapes and colours all handcrafted from cutting, lathe processing, polishing, till painting and varnishing with water-based, ecological dyes and paints

each piece is unique, as it is made by the craftsman, that why there might be small differences of shape and colour, and anybody that tried at least once to do something with their own hands, knows that this is the joy of a handcraft piece not to be exactly the same with the others

we use the wood that comes from woods care works, this way we are protect them or recycled wood that once was a beam in a barn or just reusable pieces of wood

we have lots of ideas that just can wait to become real and bring joy in your houses, gardens or terraces

there will be lots of kerria collections with different shapes and colours, so enjoy them as long as they are available, because we want to freshen up our products from time to time

and for you to enjoy more our web shop we will have a special category with various things we found for you, with a different design, from Romania or elsewhere, things that you can buy in our “we love” gallery

hopefully each kerria piece will find a lovely spot wherever might be, on a table, a bedside, a desk, in a library, on a terrace or a balcony...
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